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A "Simple Formula"
​​​​​​​To Generate Leads
​​​​​​​Build A List, And
​​​​​​​Turn Them Into Buyers!

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Take A Look Inside Our Training...

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Armando Granados

With this system I have been able to learn the process to generate lists and convert them into my clients! I can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a system to leverage their business. 100% recommended!

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Ton Meeuwissen

I highly recommend the Smart Sales System. Alex teaches you how to set up a proven markerting strategy for your online business. He covers the complete process from choosing your niche and product all the way to setting up the nessary pages, tracking and he also shows how to get traffic. He takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you have to do.

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Joel Fernandez
​​​​​​​What I personally got out of The Smart Sales System is that it holds you by the hand every step of the way. It is an in-depth, step-by-step-color-by-number system. Providing detail instructions on how to connect to your audience or potential clients. This is a way for self development, its a way to think outside the box.

Here Is What People Are Saying...

How to choose a product to promote (if you don't already have one) and identify the key element that makes people buy.


Discover the 10 Essential Elements that you MUST have on a squeeze page that will attract the right audience and guide them all the way to the point of sale.


What You Will Learn...

You will get access to a framework that makes educates people in a way that once you pitch them your product, your offer becomes irresistible for them not to buy.

No matter what you created and how much you are promoting it if you don't know what works, and what does not. Here you will learn how to implement essential tools to help you track what its working so you can scale.



Less than 1% of people will buy your product on their first interaction with it. That's why you need to have an automated way to follow up with them to build trust and guide them to the point of purchase. Here you will not only learn how to do that, but you will also get access to my own email sequence so you can begin implementing it right away.


After your whole system is in place and ready to be shown to the world, you will learn how to generate traffic (visitors) to your offer. Learn how to create your first Facebook Ad campaign.